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From our Hands to Yours

All dates grow on trees. However, not all dates receive the same care and devotion that they experience on YALA farms.

Our farmers enrich them with all the nutrients necessary to pack them with delicious flavours and divine minerals.

We can put a name to any organic date that is bought and pinpoint the exact palm tree it called home because we accompany our organic dates from seed to maturity to harvesting and boxing.

When we say from our hands to yours, we mean it, and it’s this passionate attention to detail that guarantees the superior quality of all YALA dates.

YALA’s farms are where the magic happens. On the ground, we follow international protocols for our farming practices and quality control.

High-tech irrigation schemes and organic fertilization composts help us reduce our water consumption to the strictly necessary. The safety of our team remains a top priority which is why we have set up secure work environments with over sixty six thousand (66,000) square meters of asphalt roads for easier maneuvering.


Located in the heart of the Arabian Peninsula, the Al Qassim region is known for its abundant groundwater system.

These water conditions and its tempered climate makes it an ideal location for growing healthy date palms. As a result, Al Qassim is the agriculture hub of the Kingdom.

We are proud to say that our farms in Al Qassim are among the largest date palm farms on the planet.


This desert oasis is situated in the North-Western part of KSA, precisely two hundred and fifty (250) kilometers East of the Red Sea.

Al Madinah’s opportune geographical positioning at the center of mountains, streams, and valleys, makes it a fertile haven for growing fruits and vegetables.

Our farm in Al Madinah is nestled right in the heart of these virtuous valleys.


Our farmers are an integral part of the team. They are the soul behind YALA as they spend every day on the ground pouring their hearts into the soil.

It is thanks to this deep personal involvement that we recognize them as more than farmers. They are cultivators of growth, sincere guardians who care for each of their organic dates individually.

They are the custodians and caretakers of our fertile future, and they have been part of our story since the beginning.


Our agile farming process is in a state of perpetual evolution.

From our machines to our factories and laboratories, we treat each infrastructure with the same commitment as our farms.
R&D remains one of our leading brand pillars because it grants us the power to innovate and consistently better our offerings.

Tackling red palm weevil infestations
tackling red palm weevil min 1

The YALA Red Palm Weevil center has trained over 1600 team members using state-of-the-art technologies and methods to tackle this infestation efficiently. Ever since its creation in 2015, this hub has pioneered red palm weevil defense across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and even in Jordan.

With the support of global experts and on-ground cases, we now train the Ministry of Agriculture while also launching the first national palm weevil research center in Al Qassim, known as the Prince Faisal bin Mishaal Al Saud Center.

As of recently, our center holds workshops for university students, companies, and farmers, while sponsoring similar activities across the Kingdom.

Streamlining our production and harvesting techniques

We partnered up with the Tokyo University of Agriculture; this partnership supplied YALA with innovative, bio-organic products that allow our farms to continuously improve the quality of our dates.

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