Sales Policy

Terms Definition

  • General Policy: The regulations governing the relationship between the seller (Yala) and the buyer (the customer).
  • Retail: Retail sale at the exhibitions, galleries, and websites of (Yala).
  • Websites: the digital applications approved for sale from (Yala).
  • Yala: The seller is the agricultural company named Yusef Jamil and his sons Co.
  • Customer: the buyer or the customer, whether he is a natural or legal person such as institutions or companies.
  • Data: Personal, banking, contact, and address information provided by the customer.
  • Product: dates fruits.
  • Shipping Company: the authorized company to deliver the product.
  • Yala’s Force Majeure: Causes of Force Majeure.
  • Damage or losses: According to the list of damage approved by (Yala).
  • Promotion: offers and discounts offered by (Yala).


Return of Products and Orders Cancellation

  • The customer has the right to check the quality of the product at the moment of receiving it, and if there is any difference in quality or type, the customer is also entitled to inform the company within (24) hours so that we can look into the defect and remedy it.
  • The customer has the full right, in the event of receiving a product other than the requested one, to return the product within 24 hours of the receiving date and recover its value within a period of 14 days. YALA company will bear return shipping charges for the order replacement.
  • The customer has the right to recover the amount provided in the event of a delay in sending the order without being informed by the company of such delay, after (14) days from the date specified for delivery.
  • The customer has the right to cancel the order within a maximum period of twenty-four hours from the time of the order if the shipment has not been completed or the product has not been prepared with the customer’s specifications.
  • In case the customer found the product damaged, then he has the right to return the product to the company or to replace it provided that (Yala) is notified within a maximum period of (24) hours of receiving the product, noting that the period of resending the new product by (Yala) In the case of the replacement request will be  (14) days from the date of approval of the replacement request.


The policy of Returning Products May Not be Applied

  • The customer is not entitled to return the product that was ordered and delivered correctly because it is considered a foodstuff product.
  • The customer is not entitled to return the product if he directly damages the product by storing it in unsanitary or appropriate conditions.


Shipping Duration Policy

  • The customer shall be informed of the delivery period, which may reach (14) business days from the order’s date.
  • The customer shall be informed of any delay in delivering the order, whether it by our company or shipping company, to avoid order calculation.


Enabling Customers to Correct Errors:

  • We enable the customer to correct the electronic error within a maximum of (48) hours, with a warning that (Yala) is not responsible for the customer’s information, data, and addresses.
  • The online store is obligated to correct the reported error unless the customer has taken advantage of the product or service.
  • (Yala) has the right to change the prices of date products displayed in (Yala) showrooms or websites if the customer’s request is not confirmed.
  • The product may differ from the picture on the website, as it is possible that there is a difference between them, and (Yala) is not responsible for the non-conformity between them if the specifications and quality of the product match.
  • The service provider may stipulate in the contract that he has the right to correct an unintentional error that may occur in the electronic letter addressed to the shopper, provided that he informs him of that immediately and before shipping the product or starting to implement the service. In such an event, the shopper has the right to choose between continuing to execute the contract after correcting it or terminating it and recovering the paid amounts, including the other costs involved in this error.
  • If Yala requests to return the product for examination and further checking, the customer will not be charged any shipping fees.
  • There is no return or exchange of the product, except if the product delivered to the customer damaged, taking into account the period specified for the (Yala) notice.

We apologize for not accepting any return or exchange for our products as we sell fresh dates, which are considered fruits. We grant you that your order will arrive in reasonable and appropriate conditions to the specified shipping address. If the order was received and was not compatible with what you requested before,  kindly contact the customer service (contact / WhatsApp)+966 2222 16 326 or send an email to  within 24 hours of receipt, with a detailed description and pictures indicating your dissatisfaction so we can replace the product. Any claims submitted without proper supporting documents will not be VALID for recharge.

Yala reserves the right to determine the replacements and damages.


Refunds Under Promotions

  • Refunds for products purchased under the promotional offer will be based on the terms of the promotional price.



  • We will refund the paid amounts in the same way as it was delivered to us in the cashback case.
  • Credit card refunds may take (14) business days to be processed according to the customer’s bank.
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